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AICI Forum Villach 2019

Recent advances in Artificial Intelligence have led to some speculation that AI might one day replace medical doctors. Although we tend to overestimate short-term effects, AI is undoubtedly one of the most promising technologies of our times. On the other hand, diagnosis is a very complicated process and, until now, deep learning networks have suffered from technical vulnerabilities and a lack of validation and explanatory capacity.

To quote Yuval Harari, philosophers are very patient people, but engineers are far less patient, and investors are the least patient of all. We strongly believe that several stakeholders of the healthcare system, including those with a complete understanding of the intricacies of medical diagnostics and those who hold patient care paramount, need to shape the conversation on the future of clinical imaging. Understanding AI algorithms and its limitations will be important for radiologists, pathologists, and all other medical specialists engaged with image-based diagnosis.

The AICI Forum Villach aims to cover all aspects of AI in clinical imaging. It will set the stage for state-of-the-art keynotes, translational research presentations, tutorials for imaging scientists, networking, and a panel dicussion featuring distinguished experts of different fields. A multidisciplinary audience is expected to discuss on novel AI-based applications, realistic and unrealistic expectations, legal challenges, and how AI can be a force for good.

We are looking forward to meeting you south of the Alpine main ridge during Advent season!

This congress is a collaboration event from Human Technology Styria & Silicon Alps

Termin/Beginn: Freitag, 06.12.2019
Termin/Ende: Samstag, 07.12.2019
Veranstalter: Human Technologie Cluster, Silicon Alps Cluster, Kabeg, FH Kärnten, Alpe-Adria Universität
Ort: Europaplatz 1
9500 Villach
Congress-Center Villach
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